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Gnocchi (potatoes dumplings)


4 servings

1 kg. potatoes
about 300 gr. flour
1 egg
half a glass of grappa


Cook the potatoes with the skin in boiling water; when they are cooked peel them, mash and put them on a work surface.

Begins to mix with the egg, a pinch of salt, half a glass of grappa and flour. The doses of flour are quite indicative as the amount needed depends mainly on potatoes and their consistency. You have to mix with a little flour until the mixture reaches a consistency that is soft but not stick to hands too. Sometimes you may want to pour a bit of flour onto the dough to prevent sticking.

When the mixture reaches a good consistency you have to cut the dough into pieces with your hands and form small loaves high about a finger thick; then cut them in small pieces from about two to three centimeters.

Roll in flour a little bit because it is not sticking to each other and then, using the back of a grater, make them go faster with a quick movement of hands, lightly pressing.

In this way the dumpling will acquire the useful aspect to capture as much of the sauce.

Throw the gnocchi into the pot of boiling salted water and wait: when they come to the surface they are cooked.

At this point, using a colander, drain and immediately put them on the plates.

In Verona, the sauce is classic with tomatoes and parmesan cheese or butter and Parmesan or with the Pastissada de caval sauce. In the southern side of Verona the dumplings are also seasoned with sugar and cinnamon: a tradition of its own.

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