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Pastissàda de cavàl
(horse stew)


4 servings

1 kg. of horsemeat
3 cloves
1 kg. white onions
2 carrots
1 liter of Valpolicella wine
1 cup oil


I suggest you prepare this dish two days in advance. The secret lies in waiting for several hours before consuming this dish and cook it repeatedly.

The first day brown the onions with the olive oil and add the meat cutted into small pieces; add the spices (cloves, chopped carrots, bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg), and red wine and cover. On the boil, cook over low heat for about two hours. Then keep it stand until the day after.

The second day put again over low hear for two hours until the meat is blended together to unravel vegetables.

On the third day warm and serv, accompany the dish with polenta (or you can use to dress potato dumplings).

A little history ...

The origin of "pastissada" goes back to the time of the Lombards. From 569 to 572, the year of the conquest of Pavia, Alboino, the first king of the Lombards, he resides in Verona, which is often besieged by enemies. During one of these sieges knights of the two sides clashed outside the wall hard and leave on the ground several horses killed. The population, for a long time without food supplies found a way to use horse meat preserved in wine mixed with herbs.

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